Daddy needs a schedule


Here is the schedule you asked me for a few weeks back.  I included all the main feedings and naps Monks usually takes during a typical day.  I also added a few tips to help get you through the day.

Good luck!

  • 9 AM: Monks wakes up  ( try to sleep a few extra minutes before he sees you are awake and wants to play)
  • 9:30-10 AM: Monks eats breakfast ( change his diaper, hurry up and make a big bowl of oatmeal before he realizes you should have been up an hour ago when he woke up)
  • 11 AM: Monks Drinks his bottle ( You should watch him drink his bottle, it’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen.  chances are he will have pooped at some point around this time.  good luck with that! )
  • 12 PM: Monks takes a nap (yay! you made it to the first nap.  enjoy!)
  • 2 PM: Monks eats lunch (change him then hurry up and make a nutritious meal you can both eat.  usually eggs in some form or other.  make sure to cook the yoke all the way through!)
  • 4 PM: Monks drinks his bottle (again, watch him drink his bottle. enjoy the 4 minutes of quiet time before he finishes. probably another poop will most likely happen here.  fun times!)
  • 5 PM: Monks take a nap (generally longer than the first nap, try not to fall asleep.  you have about two hours… use your time wisely!  here is when I would cook dinner, do laundry or go to the bathroom.  any of these activities would be acceptable)
  • 7 PM: Monks eats dinner  (hopefully you cooked while he was napping so you don’t have to scramble?  that’s what I was afraid of.  hurry up and throw something together you can both it.  preferably not eggs again)
  • 9 PM: Monks gets a bath ( a quick dunk in the bathroom sink should do) 
  • 9:30 PM: Monks drinks his bottle (enjoy!)
  • 9:34 PM: Monks goes to sleep (Put him in the crib and turn off the lights.  he will fuss for a few minutes and then topple over and moan for a little while he is falling asleep)
  • 10 PM (do all the things you couldn’t get done during his naps)
  • 12 AM (welcome to a day in the life of momma monks.  now go to sleep before he wakes up)