Grandpa David

grampa david

February: Picture of the Month

Few moments are as endearing as watching a new grandfather with his newborn grandchild.

I am so greatful for all his love and support.  He was extremely helpful to us at a time when we desperately needed it.  Packing up to move long distance can be very stressful.  Doing it with a newborn is crazy. Add on top, a slightly OCD organizational freak, and you can bet on going insane at some point along the way.

(Yes, that ‘slightly OCD organizational freak’ is me, not my husband)

David is the best babysitter a mother could ask for.  How else would  we be able to pack up furniture and 60+ boxes and have them all taged and labeled?  Ok, maybe I can go a little overboard with the organizing business.  Still,  Its an increadible task to do for a normal person, let alone, a sleep deprived mom with a baby who is afraid of the tape dispenser noise and you live in a tiny one bedroom.

oh! the fun times.

grandpa david 01

I am truly sad that we will be moving so far away from our friends and family.  We will miss everyone very much, but Grandpa David will be especially missed.

Thank you, Grandpa David! We love you.