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Difficult Ending to a Good Year (2014)

Christmas 2015
2014 Christmas with Auntie Lori and family
December: Favorite Picture of the Month

I have fallen so far behind it’s kind of ridiculous.

All I can say is this… 2014 did not end quite how I hoped it would. Actually, It kind of turned to total SH** right there towards the end. Continue reading Difficult Ending to a Good Year (2014)

Labor of love

Lots and lots of labor

As my dear friend Judi labors on this evening, trying to push out the miracle of life for the second time, I am reminded of my own right of passage into the club of motherhood.    I recall the early labor contractions that woke me up at 4 AM or so (I’m not 100% sure what time it was, but it was definitely still dark out).   It would not be until 10 PM that Saturday night that we headed to the hospital. Continue reading Labor of love