the devil (el diablito) on my shoulder


October: Picture of the Month

OH, Yeah!  We are those parents! Dressed Monks up as a little devil and went to the mall to show him off.  What else is there to do with a baby who can’t really walk or say trick or treat?  It was cuteness overload.

The costume: The Devil (El Diablito sounds sweeter in spanish) Halloween_2014_03Inspired and homemade by grandma Ginni.   We got lots of ‘OMG, your baby is adorable’ looks.  We also got a few ‘how dare you dress your child up like he who shall not be named’ looks.  How someone can take a costume so seriously is beyond me.  I guess everyone’s got their issues.

What’s with the animal print socks, you might be wondering.  We didn’t have red socks, so we went with the next best thing, orange and black leopard print.  Just go with it.

(If, by any chance, you are thinking ‘Wow, I would really love to make my own costume next halloween, I wish I knew how to sew’.  You can check out Grandma Ginni’s site You can sign up for a beginner course that will get you on your way to making that adorably and/or sexy costume in no time.) 

Monks got his first lollipop…which, we did not notice, he had chewed through the wrapper and was able to taste the actual candy. Score! Can you say sugar high?  Monks 1 – Parents 0

We caused a little traffic jam while trying to practice walking. Halloween_2014_04I don’t think anyone cared.  It was so freaking cute to see him walking down the mall in that costume, I think we could have charged a few bucks.

He is just starting to get the hang of walking with the walker and gets so excited.  He just plows forwards no matter what is going on around him.

Causing trouble with mom and Auntie. Halloween_2014_05 Slipping and sliding all over the place.  “Enough walking, get me some food, already!”

In order to calm the beast, we had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory in the mall.  They actually have a pretty decent burger and gluten free buns.  Score for Mommy! Halloween_2014_06 That sneaky tail kept poking out and tripping the waiter.  So devilish!

And, The Booty, of course. Halloween_2014_07 At the end of the day, the goody bag was pretty good for El Diablito’s first Halloween given the limitations of no walking and no talking  (in a comprehensible language, that is).