Momma Bear (Unleashed)

Baby Bear
Baby Bear

A NYC subway ride (pregnancy) story…

When I was nine months pregnant with you, we were living in a cute apartment in Sunnyside, NY.  I was working full time and decided to work until the week before you were due.  In hindsight, it was probably not the smartest decision I have ever made.
Anywho…my commute consisted of riding the 7 train into midtown manhattan.  The 7 train is a notoriously terrible commute in the morning because it is jam packed full of young and agile kids getting off at La Guardia College, one stop before going into the tunnel.

Note: There are a lot of inconsiderate types of people you need to avoid when you are pregnant and riding the subway in NYC, but young adults who are rushing to class are just about the worst of them, topped only by business men on their phones and tiny asian women.

This one morning, I was feeling…hmm, I guess vulnerable would be the right word?  I walked into a very crowded train where there was no where to hold on to.  As we arrived at the next station, I could tell it was not going to be pretty.   It a sixth sense you develop when riding the subway for over tens years.

Here’s a little tip:  if you ever find yourself in a crowded train in NYC and there is a mob getting ready to disembark toward the door that you are standing near, plant your feet, make yourself a skinny a Paris Hilton with anorexia and hold on for your life.  it’s the only way to survive the madness that is coming your way.

As the mob was pinballing me from side to side, this one bitch, I mean young lady, decided that she really didn’t care that I was another human being that shares the planet with her and on this day, a train car. She literally walk straight into me and knocked me so hard I almost fell over. My instinctual reaction?…turn around, push her as hard as I could and say…” WTF! I’m nine months pregnant, bitch!” Yeah, I know, you’re thinking, crazy pregnant woman! Judging by the look on her face, so was she.  But, in my defense, I was a raging bear protecting her cub from getting eaten alive. It was awesome! I never knew i had it in me. I have always been the sweet, calm and rational person trying to keep the peace.

Not today!  Today, and from now on.  I am…mama bear. Ready to tear apart anybody who will do harm to my baby bear.  It’s basic 101 survival and the laws of nature.

(If you are reading this post and you think you might just be the person who shoved a 9 month pregnant woman on the 7 train in NYC in the Fall of 2013, I am truly sorry if I scared the shit out of you, but seriously…you had it coming.)

Share your subway ride stories with me. Hopefully, they are funny and we can all share a laugh.